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12 april 2017 | Machteld Marcelis

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* Members of MERGE (alphabetical order): D. Collip, Ph. Delespaul, C. Henquet, M. Janssens, M. Lardinois, J. Lataster, T. Lataster, M. Van Nierop, M. Oorschot, C. Simons, V. Thewissen

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φ D. Borsboom, A.O.J. Cramer, S. Epskamp, K.S. Kendler, H.L.J. van der Maas, F. Tuerlinckx and J.T.W. Wigman

χPh. Delespaul, F. Peeters, CJP. Simons, E. Snippe

ѱ I.A. van de Leemput, M. Scheffer


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