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Timeline: Innovate Dementia

Innovate Dementia: Living Lab Report

07 June 2016 | Liselore Snaphaan | Implementatie Toon project timeline

Final Living Lab report (Eindrapportage van Innovate Dementia)

Innovate Dementia is a project to promote innovative care for people living with dementia. We are faced with theaced with the challenge of how to make health care in the future both affordable and accessible for an increasing demanding client.

Managing the challenges of dementia to the North West Europe society in a cost efficient wayrequires innovative approaches presenting opportunities for new businesses and employment as well as concerted action by business and policy makers at all regional levels.This is why ten European partners in North West Europe are working together in a transnational project to create innovative solutions fordementia care. The Innovate Dementia project is a transnational programme designed to accelerate and enhance NW Europe’s capacity to innovate, through facilitating the development and sharing of knowledge based approaches and best practices for people living with dementia.The programme aims to develop innovative, transferable dementia care models by exploring how technology and innovation can develop products and ways of living that will improve quality of life for people with dementia and their families.

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